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At 1:55 Central Time, on 6/20/17. I checked in to Areomexico, 24hrs in advance of our flight. I also paid for 2 bags. Thinking we are all set for our trip, I went to bed. When I woke up later in the morning, I saw that I had received a message from Aeromexico stating at 3:11 on the morning of 6/20/17 after I had already checked in and paid for our luggage, that our flight had been changed to 6/19/17 +2. (This appeared to me and Cheap Caribbean that they were saying the flight left on the 19th) I immediately called Cheap Caribbean to see what was going on. | They informed me that they had not received any changes and as far as they were the concerned the flights were the same but they would contact me once they investigated. It got late in the evening and nobody in our group of 14 had heard anything from Cheap Caribbean about a flight change other than Cheap Caribbean saying that they hadn’t received a flight change information. | We started calling and they would say they would call back and never did, so we kept calling and finally re started talking to a gentleman that was really trying to help, but let’s face it we were hours away from our alleged departure flight and had no answers about when we were actually flying out. This went on for hours. The gentleman said its getting late, if you want to get out I am going to have to break the individual families/groups within the groups up to get us out on 6/21 we reluctantly agreed but stated that each booking group had to be kept together. | Well low and behold around 10 pm central time, the gentleman called back and said that he had everyone booked and he kept all the individual groups together except MINE. He had my husband flying out at 7 am on 6/21 getting to Cancun at about noon and myself and my 2 sons flying out at 8 am on 6/21 and not getting to Cancun until about 8 that evening. I told him that that was unacceptable. He then told me that was all that he could do. I knew that their policy was that if the flights change less than 24 hrs, that you could find your own airfare and they would reimburse up to the cost that was paid for your initial flight. | He asked that we give him a chance to find the flights, but again I was not satisfied with what he gave me so I told him to cancel my whole trip. After I told him to cancel my trip he was dismayed. I really don’t lie this at his feet but he was the person helping so I guess he has to be my point guy. The conversation after he told me that there was nothing else he could do for me fell on death ears and I eventually hung up in the middle of our conversation. | When my husband came home from work and asked if the situation had been resolved, I told him what had transpired and he suggested that we try to find our own flight out and deal with Cheap Caribbean when we returned from our trip. We even went as far as to make sure that our out flights that Cheap Caribbean booked us on to Cancun were canceled. For the stress and drama we endured, I believe we are in the least, entitled to the airfare, taxes and penalty we paid to American Airlines in the amount of a little over $800.00.

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