Celadon Logistics

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Beware of Celadon Logistics

Came from stockton,ca.to work here.they said they were paying my travel expences.i asked 3 times about if there was room to park my vehicle.they said yes there is plenty of room.i even told them my vehicle type.i got there and there was no parking even for a compact vehicle.they said they would give me a comcheck anyway for travel expenses since there was no parking.i waited at the truck stop for 5 days trying to get it .they had me send a copy of my drivers license they said so they could cut me a check.on the 5th day they said they weren’t going to give it to me.so, I was brought here under false pretenses being promised there was parking.not my fault,then they lied saying they would give me a check then would’nt.

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