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I saw a pair of boots I really wanted, and also found another site called ‘CathyBuy’ who was offering the boots for $10 less. I ordered the boots from CathyBuy, unfortunately without checking the reviews first. I also ordered another item from a different company just after placing my order with CathyBuy. | That item was delivered today. The boots from CathyBuy have not yet even been shipped! Customers of CathyBuy have no way to contact anyone at the site. There is a ‘partnering’ site called which actually publishes reviews for CathyBuy. I wrote a negative review and it went live less than an hour later. But EVERY SINGLE REVIEW of CathyBuy was negative. The many reviewers gave nothing but one star, with many customers saying the only reason they clicked one star was because there was no place to click ‘zero stars.’ No number higher than two stars was given by any reviewer who ordered from CathyBuy. | Customer reviews complain of receiving cheap and shoddy merchandise, nothing at all like what they ordered, or worse, not receiving any merchandise at all even three months later. To top it all off, CathyBuy is impossible to contact about tracking merchandise and returning wrong or shoddy merchandise. | My experience matches the other reviews. site seems to be just a scam site. Hopefully, I can take the charge off my credit card. Meanwhile, I warn EVERYONE to never order from this site, you will be ripped off!

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