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Beware of Cash Advance Inc.

I received an email on March 5, 2018 at 4:45 am detailing that I owe $5836.46 and that due to information received by the Attorney General’s Legal Affairs & Investigation Section, they need a written reply by me within 24 hours so that they can resolve this issue without the Annually Investigation Practices of Federal System ((AIPOFS). They want my reply and my transnational documents to show that I am innocent. | They said tha tthey will seek to issue an arrest warrant in 24 hours and I will be taken from my work or my home under custody of 72 hours after bail, the issue will be fully revealed in courthouse after the default judgment. I will have to pay the money and if I fail they will seize my property and bank account and I will receive 7 years of imprisonment. | They requested all communications be electronic when possible. | Signed by Linda Jones, Senior Investigatin Officer (Collection) Department -Laws & Enforcement | So I requested the documentation. | They gave my first and last name, ss# and upgraded the payment to $7, 590.00. They told me that the Customer Support Team is available SEVEN days a week to help answer all of your questions via E-mail. | Then they sent a third email asking my final intention so that they will not update my case file and start legal consequences against me. | I responded asking for documentation and stated that legally they have to send me the documentation before we can go further and stated that I have forwarded all their emails to my attorney. | The way thing are worded, this is not serious. They do have some personal information, but it’s not worth much to them.

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