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I was scammed out of a car agreement by carwise because I had a car loan from JD Byrider which was current and up-to-date but carwise convince me to abandon my loan with JD Byrider and they could give me the best deal with their company with lower payments and they lied. I was told I was approved after getting a co signer and putting $300 down payment with arrangements to pay the rest of the deposit in installments. After having the car for a month, threatened with cancelling the loan because I moved five miles away and I provided proof of residency with a new lease but that still wasn’t enough! When I signed the papers, the bank was supposed to call me for some reason but I never got the call. One day got a call telling me to come in to office and wouldn’t say why but when I got there they took my keys and left me stranded with all my belongings and car seat in the parking lot. Now I not only have no car but the car they told me to let get repoed is gone to.

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