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Beware of Carpenter Law, P.A.

JoyCarpenter & Betty Dugan came into my life in ’98. I built a beautiful chalet on wheels & had just purchased a beautiful piece of property to move it to. This duo came into my life, indoctrinated me into their cult, Trinity Christian Ministries, Inc. Dugan is my only sister. I had no communication with her for 25 yr. I had no knowlege of her criminal drug-trafickking/money laundering, see Melvine Horne Appeal. I was conned out of my rightful inheritance to over 1 million. They kept me away from my family, threatened to have me & my grandchildren a/w/a great granddaughter age 3, at the time, to be made to “disappear”. | They used their law firm to do quit claim deed, to one-half of my property with promise of total financial support, then physically threw me off my own property. I was jailed for attempting to speak to her. I have been homeless and destitute since 2004. Now they have placed a 5 million law suit against me for telling the true story of their demonic ties with a demon god, whose name they call Asshur Ashir High. | I was instructed by them to use this name to “speak with my guardian angel” | Beware of this group of criminals. The book they used was written by Betty Dugan, who calls herself Elizabeth Trinity. It is named a Golden Circle. In it she describes how God Himself came to visit her in her drug mansion on the Crystal River, in Fl. She speaks of having carnal relations with a boy of 12 until his suicide while on drugs, at her dining table in that same house. He is described in her book as an angel on a mission now. His mother won a ‘wrongful death’ suit of millions. She never recieved one cent. All monies are laundered throught Carpenter Law & Trinity Christian Ministries, Inc. My home has been placed in their total possession even though I still retain title to the modular homes a/w/a my chalet. This entire story is being written, documented in hopes that a suit may be brought for cult exploitation, in the name of my children and grandchildren, should they make me ‘disappear’.

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