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Beware of CarMax

I’m absolutely disappointed with Carmax. My car needed Spark Plugs on which they said that they will repair and install. However the technician installed the wrong spark plugs in my vehicle which lead to more problems. I took it too the 100 Oaks location to try another technician but it only gets worst. They called and told me that everything was taken care of and replaced and I paid $503.75 now here we go again same issues with my car. This time I take it to the dealership and come to find out!! My spark plugs were never changed. The manger called from the Rivergate location stating that I would be taken care of. I waited for the call from the dealership at miracle Chrysler dodge in Gallatin to get back with me on the rental and to give me an update on my car. Never called I had to call myself! Then he tells me that the manger called to discuss my vehicle issues but never consulted back with me. Then he tells me that they don’t have any rentals there he would have to go and get one? Seriously? And this is a dealership? So your meaning to tell me that all customers use the same vehicle? I understand that this is a business and customers are hectic but in this Field of profession requires multitasking. And that includes keeping the customer updated on the details of your vehicle! Some people don’t have another backup car if one breaks down. So you rely on your car. If Dodge cared about their customers they would escalate customers matters in finding ways to help. When the manger from Carmax called and stated that he would pay for my rental due to Carmax negligence and to pay for my repairs then the Service writer should had immediately contacted me in setting up transportation for me…… but I heard nothing…… all I heard well I’m going to get the rental as we speak? Excuse me? Where is the rental? That’s not telling me nothing . Bottomline miracle Chrysler dodge should had told me look here your car is not going to be ready today because we have to order your part, however the good new is that we can get you in a rental today all expenses paid through Carmax I can’t tell you when it will be ready but we’re working on it… When can you come in for your rental pickup. Now that’s professionalism. I’m going through this hell all because of Carmax negligence 2nd failure mistake. And Miracle Chrysler Dodge Poor Expertise in Customer satisfaction. Everyone is entitled to their first mistake but not second one. All this time I’ve been driving on bad plugs no wonder it was making that loud backfire sound….. No one should have to experience this issue. Technicians should be on there A-Game at all times. Our vehicles are in their hands. Place yourself in my

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