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Beware of Capella University

I’m having a financial problem with capella. They enrolled me in a class without having Federal funding available. They claim it’s because I stated that I would have tuition assistance so I wasn’t able to get full Federal funding. My employer partners with capella in the way that I get discounted rate for education. I would imagine the institution would be familiar with the tuition assistance process with my employer. My employer does not reimburse until after the class is completed and the invoice is paid literally showing a zero balance. Federal funding is needed to bring this balance to zero so regardless of whether I had tuition assistance or not federal funding would be required to pay it prior to the reimbursement. They failed the tell me that I didn’t have enough Federal funding so I enrolled in my third class without the ability to complete it because I wasn’t going to have enough federal funds to complete it. One week into the third-class I realized I wasn’t going to be able to complete it. That tacked on another $1,400 because I dropped out of the class early. The original amount owed due to the tuition assistance issue was a little over $1,000. Capella has cost me $2,400 and it is about ready to hit my credit report because I refuse to pay something on sheer principle. I realize I will be the one suffering for the bad credit score but something has to be done. I’m going to be filing a formal complaint though I’m not sure what good that is going to do. If I had the money to get a lawyer I would. | The financial aid department cannot be trusted to look out for the best interest of the student. The definition of customer service is being able to inform your customers of what they need to know. They did not inform me of what I needed to know or I simply would have waited until the next billing session to enroll in the third class. It is quite simple. I would have pushed off my education until Federal funding was available. After several attempts to make this right through email and phone calls and even getting my flexpathcoach involved we are at a standoff. No one offers to help. No one offers a viable solution. No one takes responsibility on behalf of the school for their error. The fact is students put trust in the financial aid department and admissions department for that matter to look out for them and their best interest. Most students wouldn’t know to track the loan amounts to the point of doing a check and balance and noticing something is off and noticing something enough to know they shouldn’t be enrolling. Most students wouldn’t know that. If financial aid says we can be enrolled for a class we believe them. I have no faith in the school and if they don’t make this right they have directly impeded my process of reaching my bachelor’s goal. | To say I’m disappointed is a major understatement. Quite frankly I am disgusted at their level of service and would never recommend them and they should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of people’s trust and people who are ultimately trying to better their life.

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