Caney Fork Bichon

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Beware of Caney Fork Bichon

After our second bichon frise died at age 13, I shopped for a new bichon frise puppy and elected to purchase an alleged full blooded bichon frise from Caney Fork Kennels/Caney Fork Bichon. After approximately 2 weeks with the puppy, my nearly 20 years of experience around bichon frises indicated to me that our new puppy was not a full blooded bichon frise. | For the first time ever I elected to order a DNA test on the new puppy. I have owned dogs for fifty years and have never requested a DNA test. The DNA test came back indicating that our puppy was a 50-50 mix of bichon frise and HAVANESE. I delivered the DNA test to the owner of the kennel, Anita Phillips, and she agreed to enter into a settlement with us and pay us our money back in part. However, she delivered a ridiculous release for us to sign which, among other things, would have quieted us and prevented us from telling the world about this rip off artist. | After several months we have certainly fallen in love with our mixed breed mutt, but we know that being in our 60’s now this will probably be our last dog and it is not at all the dog that we had hoped to take us out. Please do not purchase puppies from this kennel. If you decide to do so get a DNA test first and know what you are getting. | I would not buy any dog from this kennel without first obtaining a DNA test to ensure that you are getting the dog that you are told you are getting. The kennel’s breeding stock is defective. | Caney Fork Kennels took the position that a 50/50 mix still complies with the AKC breed standard for a bichon frise. That is ridiculous and even if accurate, if you are told you are buying a full blooded bichon frise it should not be 50% bichon frise and 50% HAVANESE regardless of the proprietary and ridiculous positions taken by the AKC and Caney Fork Kennels. We are entitled to get what we pay for.

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