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Beware of Camping World of Ocala

My wife and I purchased a used 2016 Forest River V-Lite travel trailer from Camping World of Ocala, FL and took deliver on 3-2-2017 | I was told that is was nat even a year of so I felt I was in for a good deal. Someone just changed their mind about it and traded it in for something else and so it should have been in great shape | When we looked over the trailew with Gary Bennett he assured us everything worked perfectly and quickly opened the slide aned the sofa bed (we never had one) so we did not know that a mattress was missing for it | We were given a walk through to show us how everything worked but it was very quick and abrubt and we did not understand some things about how some things worked–the sofa slid all over the living room when we traveled with it–there was no tye down or option to keep it secure while in route–we were told that we could have a manual only if the previous owners had left it for us–and also that we were not entitled to any warrenty becasue we were the second owners even though the unit will not be one year old till this year in August–we were charged 4,134.00 for an extended one–plus numerous other charges for who knows what–before they finished we charged $44,000.00 for this used unit | I noticed the wheels on the unit looked worn and i mentioned it to Gary–he told me how worn can they be this is a new unit so the tires must be 2016s at least–later wwe found out the new tires must have been taken and replaced with tires that were made in 2014 and at further inspection we found one of the tires thread was seperating so it had to be replaced–Gary never even thought about the fact that we may have had trouble out the door with a flat or blown tire while driving down the highway–in fact we never even talked to him when we took delivery he dissapeared somwhere– | he said he was going to allow my husband to drive the unit around to get used to it before were totally commited to take it–that didnt happen–in fact he also said that people would be there to help us move our stuff from the old trailer to the new one–that did’nt happen either–I am a 100% dissabled Veteran and could not do this alone–my wife had to do the work herself–and when she was not able to finish within a short amount of time they were going to make us leave the area–this was the only place we had for shelter so we were beside ourselves as to wha to do–we did stay in their service bay for that night | We were given a trade in allowance for our old fifth wheel of 9,800.00 it was a 2007 so that did seem ok although we could have sold it outright for more becasue it was in great shape–alwo we put down $15,000.00 cash–hopeing to bring the monthly payments down | When we took the unit out to a campground for the first time we noticed it swayed terribly down the highway and I called Gary to complain about it he said it was just the wind–while we used it for another couple of days we noticed the awning did not work right and a number of things were wrong with it–we reported it to the then manager and told him we felt rippe off–he said wellif you could sell something for more than its worth to some sucker wouldnt you? I said–we thought that Camping World is a reputable company and thought that you would stand by your word and reputation | We have contacted the CEO of the company and the Attorney General of Florida with no response Mr Marcus A. Lemonis must be so secure in his business that he connot be bothered with his custromers complaints. We even had the Business Alliance contact him and he refused to even answer them–arrogance! | I hope someone sees this and helps us to get the money we lost on the purchase of the V-LIte trailer | We traded it in for a very nice Jayco from the Camping World of Macon GA because we almost had an accident with the swaying V-Lite and missed totaling both the trailer and our new truck | we would just like the money we put down on the V-Lite to be put on to the new JAYCO purchased from the same company so that we feel like they are standing by their products and customers

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