California Wine Cellar

Phone: 1-718-321-2005

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Beware of California Wine Cellar

California Wine Cellars is a wine distributor from China. When they first hire you they will require a $100 dollar deposit its required in order to work for the company they give you branded T-shirts bottle opener wines to sample a bucket for ice and book and travel wine carrier. You are promised back deposit once you return items provided but you will never get it back. They also asked me if I would like to work for only cash which is illegal off the books. | They pay $20 hourly they will promise to pay you a commission only if you sell after 10 bottles which is only 10% . They will deduct $100 from you first earnings which leaves you with no money. They will send you to work in dangerous neighborhoods to sell their wine. In all 5 boroughs. | I was sent to a bulletproof Liquor store where employees were even scared to speak or come out from behind their bulletproof glass to speak with me about the demo. | Both Liquor stores and company are unprofessional. I asked for my pay and deposit they denied my deposit they said you must understand this is how it works a deposit so I worked for free basically. They are a crooked company from China they sell from a warehouse small company cheap bad wine. Don’t waste your time working for this company. It’s a Scam!

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