Calendar Club of Canada

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Beware of Calendar Club of Canada

Do not order online from this shady company CALENDAR CLUB ONLINE. I ordered and pairs via PayPal. The money was removed from my account and then Calendar club said they did not get the payment and refused to ship my order. I sent them a bank statement and spoke to PayPal to confirm but they would not acknowledge my issue. I have a written email directly from PayPal stating that the money was removed from my account and that the merchant (Calendar Club) just had to hit accept. In the meantime I’m out the money and the product. Calendar Club continues to say they have not received the funds. Again I have in writing this issue is on their end, my bank verified the funds came out also in writing. I have sent all of this information to the Better Business Bureau but I want to let everyone know they are either crooks or idiots who can’t use PayPal. The PayPal rep also told me they tried to explain to the merchant that they had to accept the funds but they were also unable to get the merchant to understand the process. I have filed a fraud investigation from both my bank and PayPal to recover my funds. Buyer Beware!

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