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I placed my order on October 27, 2015 for the WeatherShield C15583 car cover, which was one of the more expensive covers offered. The price was $319.54 with free shipping. The cover arrived within 7 days, but the quality of the cover made me think the wrong cover was sent. The cover was made from inexpensive sheet plastic with no lining and questionable stitching. In my opinion, the cover resembled the $69 cover you used to get at Harbor Freight years ago. | has a full page Return Policy document that, under essentially every circumstance, declares a 20% restocking fee to be charged. For me, that amounts to over $63.00 to send back a very poor quality car cover that will not last very long. | On November 4th, I began my contacting with through the Sales Department and was emailed that the Sales dept has opened a help ticket regarding my order. Also on November 4th, I contacted the Support Dept and explained my opinion and asked if the wrong cover had been sent. The response was that a Support request regarding my order had been initiated and one of the customer support specialists will be responding to my case within 24 hours. Both responses were signed by The Shoplio Sales Team. A follow up note from me to the Sales dept was responded by letting me know another help ticket has been opened. | It is now November 18th with no communication from The pattern seems to be that the unhappy customer is put off indefinately by responding that a help ticket or a Support Request has been initiated with no other action forthcoming. I also believe this company might be selling cheap knock-off car covers under good manufacturer’s names. PriceGrabber sent a Merchant Review Survey to which I responded my opinion. | I have bought many car covers for my car collection and do recognize great manufacturers when I see them. For instance, is offering Evolution covers for $155.00, which are sold for $350-$400 at essentially every other outlet. I don’t think they can sell them so cheaply unless they are knock-offs. | I would just like a refund and am happy to return the cover which has not been taken out of the box without having $63.00 withheld from my refund. The cover arrived within 7 days, so it was not custom made for my Porsche. I even offered to exchange the cover for a brand that I recognized with a refund for the difference. | No response as yet from

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