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Beware of Bureau of Motor Vehicles Commission

After receiving a single speeding ticket after driving 3 years, my son also received a letter in the mail afterwards, requiring him to spend time and pay money to attend defensive driving school. The time the received was a couple months ago and it was for going 10 miles over the speed limit on a state highway. 65 in a 55 at the particular area. He was speeding so ticket of $154 was paid with no problem. Then comes the letter. A call was placed to BMV and they indicated since he was under 21, anytime you have two violations, you are required to go to defensive driving school. I told them he has had one violation in 3 years. | They checked and said he was involved in an accident in the summer, 3 months prior to the ticket. I informed them that yes that is true. In the summer he was sitting at a red light at a highway intersection and another vehicle slammed into the rear of his vehicle and my sons vehicle was totaled. Obviously he was not at fault. BMV told me it didn’t matter. It still went against him as his 2nd “VIOLATION”…….. Unbelievable we know have to spend $55 for the class and he has to spend 4 hours of his time. Money could be used elsewhere, not to mention his time could be spent studying in college. All because he was rammed in the backend and it labeled as his VIOLATION.

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