Bunk Surfers Paradise

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Beware of Bunk Surfers Paradise

Booking was made using Hostelworld.com. | Property amenities indicated Air Conditioning in the rooms. None of them worked. | Visits to the pool had me see that the outdoor compressor and fan unit (boxes) were sitting loose and not bolted down such that they could fall to the sidewalk below. Lunacy. They are actually sitting on bricks on top of what look like a bunch of large plastic drinking straws. | The pool itself has long strands of incandescent light bulbs strung over the pool itself. A death trap and electrocution hazard and there are too many bulbs on one string of wire. | The lifts had placards indicating they were installed by “Mocon” (Morons) and had typos with the expression “…Take A Life.” This was on all floors of the building. | The lower booking and reception area was carved out of the old hotel that this is and they removed over 1/2 of the major supporting structures on the lower level leaving the building unsupported in total on the ground floor in this way. There is no engineering oversight here and this looks designed to drop the structure onto “The 4217” next door which is the bus terminal and car park area. Insane !!! | This can be seen back by the TV lounge to the right of the reception desk as you walk in. | Constant ongoing construction has a scad of hacks bashing away at more concrete and operating power tools improperly in efforts to further “Enhance” the concrete. At times this is deafening and is causing damage to hearing even next door at the bus stop. | This has gone on for over one year. | Upper floors have a flimsy and badly designed death trap of a railing that is not properly attached. There is only a small rise or lip of concrete above the outer walkway and then a steel tube railing that has no rigidity or height to keep you from toppling over or it over. | The electronic door locks to the rooms would never lock. With the 3 other residents in your room, as they go to leave the door is never locked. So other people know this and then they come in and out of the room as they please. Waste of time. | In the ensuite toilet and shower there are no traps for the sink drains, allowing sewer gas to come into the units. | Offers of prejudice include requirements to have a valid passport but they allow locals who are obvious felons who don’t and can’t posess a passport to reside there. | You see that problem all over Australia.

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