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Initially they use to release the payouts after a month of each and every transaction. Later on they said that payout will be for 15 days. Later they said once you reach the certain amount. Later they said the transaction should be verified by customer. But they never call the customer and they said they cancelled the transactions. If we ask the customer they said the money is deducted by BTTPAY. They started giving payoouts for some time. Later they reached their goal of maximum amount they are looking and they stopped the payouts. When i call them no one is answering the phone. When i call on CEO he never answers the call and call back via skype and never speaks. When i call on Mr Atif the financial head he never answers the call. When i change my number and call he answers and said he met with an accident and they processed my payout and so and son. But i never receive. I keep calling and waited for more than a month. One fine day i received an email your account terminated because of chargeback but they never suggested me what to do and my customer never said anything and he is happy with the services. Such a bloddy company BTTPAY. The CEO is very worst fellow including Atif, Ray and so many. All are muslim guys from pakisatn and they started a small game and they earned more and more money. So i request everyone who is looing for payment gateway solution please dont reach BTTPAY. They will litearraly scam you. |

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