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Beware of Bryan University

After being hassled for a year and a half with telemarketing calls with promises of helping me to get my associates degree in 18 months, I finally enrolled in an online degree program with this so called school where I was eventually forced to dropped out of after realizing that I was being misled and lied to. My enrollment into Bryan University was sold on the fact that this was an accredited school and their promise to me of flexibility and understanding that I was currently working full time. Prior to enrollment I was never told that I would be required to attend and participate in an online live class 1-2 times a week. | The live classes started off at once a week and toward the end of my enrollment they had gotten up to twice a week which is where it really became difficult for me. Although the professors would say that they were there to help, it quickly became clear that they truly did not have my best interest in mind as my grades begin to drop from not being able to attend these classes even though I was getting good grades on my assignments and exams. Another issue that I had was that the professors did not know what the were doing most of the time. | I would lose points on qiuzzes and exams from errors where my answers were marked wrong when they were actually correct. I was blown off over and over again by the professors even after bringing my concerns to the attention of the head of the department. Points were taken from my assignments because of inadequent instructions from the professors. They grade assignments at their own discretion taking points off at their will and answered to no one for it. They mislead and lie to you to keep you enrolled in order to take your financial aid as long as they can with the intention of forcing you to drop or fail the classes just short of completing the programs. This school is bougus taking advantage of people seeking a higher education. Be aware…

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