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Beware of Brookstone Management

I started working for Brookstone at the end of the Cityside contract. I asked Sivi and Vinnie exactly when payments will be made and they both said 2 weeks after the BSO passed. I was told to contact Rebecca who never answered her phone or emails. I called her from a different number and she picked up and said the invoices are on the owners desk. I emailed and called her several times a day and she never responded. I then called the owner and he didnt respond either. Until I started emailing him several times a day. He then called and said that he could not see the pictures on his own website. I sent him more pictures and again no response until I emIled hem several times a day. He called me to tell me that he passed the invoices to Andy to review and Andy pushed me off for another week. I am owed over $30,000, I sent an email to v[email protected] to fike a complaint. I have worked with the FNMA contract for more than 10 years and have never had a problem with payment until Brookstone took over the contract. I stopped working for them at the beginning of srptember and I agree vendors should stop working for them until a change is made.

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