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Beware of Brand In Entertainment

If you are looking for someone to work hard for you, earn their money and make your production flush with product placement cash, look no further than anywhere but Brand-In Entertainment. Hiding behind the veil of Samuel B. Moses as the person you pay, Rolfe Auerbach will blow smoke into places that make you feel as if having it blown up your keister, would be a kindness. | He will throw names at you and say, “Do this work and I will submit it to them for review.” “This Work” being – How you would showcase a product. And “I will submit it to them for review” being – I am keeping you busy so you don’t keep calling me while I spend the money you gave me and I am not doing squat for you. | Ask for an email from the client – Nothing | Ask for the names of his Connections – Nothing | Ask for a copy of his submission – Nothing | But, God forbid you don’t pony up cash on the barrelhead! | And I don’t buy the “I’m an Ordained Baptist Minister story. Jesus never said, “Do unto others BEFORE they can do to you.” | Stay away from this HACK!

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