Box Office Ticket Sales

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Beware of Box Office Ticket Sales

Box Office Tickets Sales – scam – | I attempted to call the Convention Center directly for concert tickets thinking I would get the most direct tickets and (as it turns out unbeknownst to me) my phone call got “mysteriously” diverted to a company called “Box Office Tickets Sales”. Unaware that this was not normal I was sold 3 tickets for 69.50 each plus $26 in fees, plus shipping (for e-tickets!) for which I later found that those same tickets have been priced at $33 all along and still are. We were told that the seats we really wanted were around $250 each but in fact also are much less at $78. We compromised for way lesser seats. As it turns out we could have purchased those preferred seats for close to the price we ended up paying. That’s $250 each versus $69 ($78) each. This company apparently buys up tickets (calling it 3rd party sales) and resells them for more than double. Isn’t that what “scalping” is!

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