Botanica de la Muerte

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Beware of Botanica de la Muerte

Roy Bradburn, AKA Doktor Grey-Ravyn, is a charlatan. He has no verifiable lineage as a NOLA Voodoo Priest. Many in the community have asked him about his initiations and his story changes every time. His story always follows the typical path of a charlatan’s. | on his ETSY store, he sells a coffin candle. He states that it is charged with Quimbanda and has a djin in it. He has no initiations into Quimbanda. The tradition of working with Djin comes from a completeley different culture and are not worked with quimbanda. He post a picture of what is supposed to be an assentamento of a Pomba Gira. Notice that it is really clean and looks like an Nganga. It looks like he read something out of Carlos Montenegro’s books and built it. | Please also check out this blog about him and his false ways. http;// | He wonders why he has health problems? It’s because he has no idea of what he is doing and is not who he says he is.

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