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Beware of Blue Aspen Plastic Surgery

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 dr. Ma was my plastic surgeon Two weeks after my double mastectomy I contracted MRSA Had to have another surgery with a PICC line and then factious disease people have to come in Then After she did that surgery I had to have another surgery because another infection And then she popped my expander and then she put the wrong size expanders in one side blew up underneath my arm the other side was too small and now she’s caused damage my nipples are not symmetric there’s lumps and bumps all over she’s a nightmare she cost me 7 surgeries Five of her own And two of them More drastic surgeries to fix what she has done she’s a nightmare he’s not compassionate You can’t ask her any questions Someone needs to stop her she’s cost me my job I’ve done nothing but go to the doctor for 3 years now enough is enoughThere is complaints all over the Internet and I am going to continue spreading the word about her so this does not happen to anybody else .Scarred for life Mentally and physically Because of dr. Ma | people in PICC lines to my heart she jacked the job up so bad that I had to have everything taken out and redone a total of 7 surgeries because of her she’s a nightmare you can’t ask her any questions without her snapping at you she just does things to you without explaining them to you she never went over the size of my implants with me she’s nothing but a nightmare and I will stop her I’m going to make it my mission in life three years I’ve spent going to doctors with expander treatments infections hurt the damage that she did I lost my job over it I can’t work because of it I’m still going through it will not have my final surgery until September of 2016 my cancer was in 2013 good job dr. ma good job you just don’t get it do you lady

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