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Beware of Bling Group

  Ivan spinner is A quintessential scumbag Please email this POS and ask him about the lawsuit that has been filed against him for libel and slander. This POS claims that he lost $17,000 on this transaction when in fact original transaction was only for $12,500 we refunded $6000 to this POS! as a business owner, and you as a consumer, please don’t fall victim to his malicious postings. We would be more than happy to share with you our emails from satisfied clients. This POS is now selling cars what a shocker this POS is a narcissist to the 10th degree we not only fix the two diamonds that went missing because of his barbarian way of handling precious metals by trying to force open the clasp with me via face time Surprisingly he increased the price of the bracelet by $5000 neglected to disclose the $6000 we refunded neglected to mention the bracelet that we said we originally had was no longer available because he entered into a binding contract with a reparable eBay seller After I coached this POS on his obligation to the eBay seller it was then and only then he paid for the bracelet and we reimbursed the difference His extort meant attempt was awarded by an ocean of text messages and email messages from him praising us letting us know he will do future business but when we refused to fall victim to his threats of extortion and blackmail him it was then and only then he kept his promise to us by letting us know that if we didn’t pay him the thousand dollars he would file a dispute with American Express With all of the paperwork I sent to American Express his own credit card company denied his fraudulent claims and re-warded my company with the reversal Apparently this POS has done this numerous times with American Express I love it when a thief blames another party and claims they are dissed honest etc. when in fact his claims are a direct reflection of himself this POS states that he is not an insurance salesman rather an insurance executive I guess in that business you start out the top and end out at the bottom? He states that I work out of my bedroom which is pretty amazing unless he has a secret camera installed in my home but as an insurance sales person I wouldn’t put it past him truth be told if I was running a business out of my garage in the trashcan as long as I am satisfying customers orders isn’t that the way good business is handled? BLING GROUP® has lost approximately $30,000 in business because of this false posting is why we have brought suit for damages and punitive damages and will stop at nothing until this POS is brought to justice He has taking food out of my family’s mouth and I will no longer stand for this if you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly at my corporate office at 951-325-2245 or my cell phone 714-412-0231 or feel free to email me at [email protected] As I welcome all emails and phone calls It is sad, you never let the enemy you know they’re attacking well I haven’t spinner you true piece of shit lawyer up you scumbag

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