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Beware of BlackPeople Meet

Black People Meet (BPM) is an absolutely horrible dating site. Not because it preys on the hopes of people seeking meaningful relationships, but because it actually steals money from your credit card. I went to sign up for a 1 month membership, but was charged for 6 months. I cancelled and went back to check the status of my account and it had “automatic renewal.” This happened twice. | I am also going to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Based on my experience I don’t think you should give your credit card information to this website. It is untrustworthy. | You have to search the Internet to find contact information for the site. It is not easily available on the site as it should be. | It really is a waste of time to join. | The quality of women is absolutely horrible. The site should be called | “Left” The site is full of babies’ mommas, divorcees, over weight women, separated women, and just plain unattractive females with weaves, who think that having a government job is the greatest accomplishment in life. | Most are Democrats/Liberals reminiscent of Affirmative Action Babies or Welfare Queens. There are very few Conservatives, Republicans or Independents. No Entrepreneurs. The very small numbers of women who are actually attractive are misfits in some other way. | Black Professional men (e.g., Doctors, Lawyers, etc.) Stay away from this site. Yes, many of these women have good paying jobs and a house. However, the educational level averages from High School Graduate to College Graduate. This site is for blue collar, working class, middle class and even upper middle class (based on income) people with little to no education (Think Steve Harvey). | You might have better luck with Match.Com. The quality of women seems to be a little better. More importantly, Match has never stolen any money from me. However, it seems impossible to take down your profile at Match. They hold you hostage. I will say that you can remove your profile rather easily from BPM. | White people on the site are a wasting their time paying. A White person can go to any BlackChurch on the corner or any “urban” venue and meet the Black People on this site. Hell, just go to any liberal or Democratic function and you will meet all the black people of this caliber you want. It’s not that easy for educated and conservative black men who still have not given up on dating black women. There is a lot in between “Good Times and The Cosby’s.” | Anyway, if you are going to use this site, I would advise you to mail in a Money Order or Certified Check…but do not use your Credit or Debit Card.

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