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Beware of Bizfi

Next Level Funding, LLC is a front for Merchant Cash and Capital, LLC which is owned by Stephen J. Sheinbaum. Mr. Sheinbaum is a disbarred attorney at law. He was disbarred because he was found guilty of not one but two federal felonies for wire fraud and money laundering. You can easily google his name and see the New York Court and the Federal District Court proof. These scumbags violate the National Do Not Call list as a business policy and practice. They also illegally record and evesdrop on your calls. In addition, they use robo-dialers to call you. That is also illegal. These people need to be stopped. I was called today, June 26, 2015 at 6:57AM by Paul who is one of their telemarketers. NLF has violated 47 USC section 227 and California Civil Code section 1770 as well as California Penal Code 637.2. I was called from 619-550-3092. Next Level Funding is at 877-208-7761.

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