BizBoost, Inc.

Phone: (866) 416-2060

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BizBoost, Inc. is an identity theft business loan scam. | Here is how it works. They robocall, they ask “Are you the business owner”. If you say no, they hang up. If you say yes, then they call you nonstop. You call the number back and they say “If you want to be removed, press one”. I press one, and nothing happens. They call right back, constantly, nonstop, for months. | Bizboost will ask personal questions about your identity, ask if you want a loan, and try everything possible to get you to say the words “Yes”. Who knows, maybe they are recording the conversation and editing the audio, stealing your identity, making loans with your name. | You ask them to take you off their list, and they hang up, only to call back from a different number. If you ask “where did you get my number”, they hang up. If they find out your cell phone, they will call that number nonstop. | I’ve gotten dozens of calls from business loan scams like Aside from blocking all numbers and whitelisting only the ones I want, I don’t know how to stop business loan scams like

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