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We moved into a rental home managed by Sandra Lane at the end of Dec 2017. When we moved in, it was absolutely disgusting. There was bird poop on the bathtub, sex toys in the master closet along with old candy bars. There was food crumbs all over the pantry. The floor had a dirty film on it. I would not even let my kids walk around barefoot because of how bad the floor was. All three bathroom wreaked of urine so bad that we could barely use them. | The walls were painted with flat paint. There was already dirt and marks all over the walls. I called to inform the company of the condition it was in and was told, oh it was cleaned before you moved it. There is no way this house was cleaned. After about two weeks of living there, the cleaning company came to clean. They wiped down the vent in the kitchen, and put bleach in the bathroom. He told me that the floor had to be steamed to actually get it cleaned. After a few days, the bathrooms again wreaked of urine. I had to clean it with bleach for months until the smell was finally gone. | I own a carpet cleaner with a tile attachment, so I had to clean the floors over and over and over, until it was at least clean enough for my young children to play on. The ceiling fan never worked and I was asked repeatedly if my husband could just fix it. We did fix a few things that were written on our move in report, that were never taken care of. We dropped off the move in report and took pictures of everything. Sandy Lane never looked at the move in report or the pictures. I was told when we moved out, that it was never received. It was given to the lady at the front desk and I told her to give it to Sandy Lane, she said she would put it on her desk. | I left Sandy 3 messages about scheduling a walk through when we moved out at the end of Jan. I never got a call back until Feb 2, 2018, two days after I moved out. She did the walk through without me present. I was told that the house was not clean enough. That the carpet was not clean enough (which I provided a receipt stating that it was professionally cleaned) and that walls were very dirty. I showed her pictures of the house when we moved in and it was like she didn’t believe me. I have pictures of how disgusting the house was. Even the walls were dirty. | It was written on the move in report, but apparently, it doesn’t mean anything. After talking to her, I wanted to have to opportunity to have a walk through. I was told to meet Sandy at 12:30 at the house on feb 7th. I told her I have to leave to get my kids at 1:45 at the latest. She showed up at 1:40 to do the walk through. So basically we walked in she showed me a few dirty spots on the wall, and the appliances. And then I had to rush out the door. I told her I wanted another walk through. However she told me, there really isn’t anything else for me to see. The walls were dirty when we moved in. However, since it was painted with flat paint, it is very difficult to clean. | There was 5 kids and 2 adults living in the house. I was told that we wouldn’t be charged for normal wear and tear on the house. I was also told that normal wear and tear on a house meant that if it happened to 7 out of 10 people, that is normal wear and tear. If a family of 7 lived in a house with flat paint, I guarantee the walls would look way worse that they did, with 10 out of 10 houses. We tried to clean the walls. I even drove 45 min into town to Dunn Edwards to buy paint. However I was told the wrong color. | This happened 3 different times. I spent $75 on paint that was the wrong color and three separate trips to try and get the right color. Now, instead of touching up the house with the wrong color, I cleaned it the best i could. Since I was told that I would not be charged for normal wear and tear, I would not be charged to paint the house, which was dirty before we even moved in. So, how is it fair for us to be charged $650 for painting the house? When, for 1. The walls were dirty before we moved in, also the baseboards, which was written on the move in report, that was never looked at, 2. It WAS normal wear and tear. 3. I was never given an invoice of any kind or a chance to do an actual walk trough, and 4. the majority of the walls in the house were very clean. The ONLY walls that had marks on it were in the entry and living area and a few spots in the downstairs bedroom. That is normal wear and tear for a family of 7 living in a house with flat painted walls. | I feel I was totally cheated and lied to by your company. I feel like we were totally robbed of our deposit. It took 4 people over 4 hours to clean the house before we could even move our stuff in. Should I send a cleaning bill to the rental company for time we had to spend cleaning the house before we could even move in. I have showed pictures of the house when we moved in to other property management companies and ask them, is this a clean home? Every single one of them were appalled that this was the condition of the home when we moved in. | I guaranty they would NOT live in filth like that, but no, we had to, and then we are charged for it when we moved out. We paid rent on time, we fixed things that we didn’t have to, we cleaned the house and kept it nice. We did not put holes in the walls, there were no marker or crayon marks on the walls. We DID not cause ANY damage to that house. It was a piece of crap when we moved in. And yet, we are being charged for THEIR mistakes. You can use a deposit for damage caused, not normal wear and year. It is totally against the law to take my deposit, not give me ANY invoices, or not allow me to do a walk through. | I have 5 children, we just moved into a home, and I have a million things that need to be done, but I am stuck trying to fix this mess. I do not have time to deal with this, but I will do what I have to, to make it right. What this company did was unethical, dishonest, and against the law. I have the right to a walk through and I have a right to get invoices, within 14 business days. That 14 business days was on Feb 20th, it is now March 23rd. I have sent letters and heard nothing back from them.

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