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BetOnline at is a gambling website where users can bet on lots of differnt sports games, play table games such as BlackJack and also offer online poker where you can plan cash ring games and tournaments. | My complain is against the Merchant services or whoever responsible for handling users accounts and deposits and credits. | They simply did not credit my account a single dollar when they charged my card several times and said I had succesfully loaded up my account. | They claim I have just played and lost the money after fighting it for a month and once I gave them proof with my bank statements they simply stopped responding. | I asked for proof that I lost the money or proof where I was ever credited the money and no answer. | They are simply ignoring me now after taking hundreds of dollars out of my account. With no proof!!! | There’s not much I can do as they are an Overseas Gambling company. | Please don’t ever put your money onto BetOnline or Sportsbetting or any similar sites as they are complete scams. | Even when I was able to get money onto the account I saw a lot of cheating going on where certain users were always playing together and obviously colluding and chip dumping. | I should have stopped playing then when I reported these guys and I saw them playing the very next day! | Maybe they play for the site… | Please save your hard earned money and NEVER deposit money onto these kinds of gambling sites. | They are not legit and they never were. Remember full Tilt and Absolute Poker and many others?? | Dont be tricked, All of these sites are 100% shady and cannot be trusted. I’ve had similar experiences in the past and thought maybe they have shaped up since the government shut them down but they haven’t. They popped back up under different names and are pulling off the same scams as before. | Do Not Play!!!

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