Becky Peters

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Beware of Becky Peters

BECKY PETERS seamed like a nice person carries herself well .But moved into my apt did not transfer the electric bill to her name and when questioned acted confused about it , very well crafted. She then paid her 1st months rent which was 2 weeks late and then that was it. I posted an eviction notice took her to court which she did not show . and stayed untill i had to have a constable physically remove her and her daughter. BAD TENANT DO NOT RENT TO THESE PEOPLE . Then her daughter and her boyfreind came over oh poor me can we get our stuff we will clean out the apt and clean it .Well they took everything then split never cleaned a thing. They pretty much took what they wanted. Becky Peters is a Rental criminal and is a total loss if you rent to her Blonde 5 ft tall from looks like erie pa area and has done this many multiple times.

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