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Beware of Beauty Basics

My husband was probably watching some infomercial and saw age rewind being advertised, and decided to call in and order one for me. I started receiving them around march 2016, and every month thereafter. What bothered me was that payments were being deducted automatically, but they ranged from about $45 – $95, with no difference in the product. By july i still hadn’t even finished using 1 bottle so i decided to call them and ask to cancel any further shipments. I still received them until november because i finally put a stop to the automatic payments and so payment was declined on their end. | At that point i was irritated that they didn’t discontinue or cancel so i wanted to return all of the items, but couldn’t find where to contact them. I came across another Outscam in here for the same product and had their number to contact so i did. Today 12/22/2016 i called that number and the lady told me that she could help me with my request to cancel the order and then informed me that back in july it wasn’t cancelled that the rate was only reduced… I told her that i wanted it cancelled back then and want it cancelled now. She said that it was cancelled in november due to a declined payment… | I told her, i cancelled it in july, she continued to argue with me saying that it was discounted not cancelled according to the notes… So it took payment being declined for them to stop… I told her that i have 8 unopened bottles, 6 of which are still in their envelopes… She told me that they would not refund me money on them due to their return policy, because those items would have to be detroyed and so there was no refund for that product… I told her that their company was a ripoff and hung up on her. I have from $360-$500+/- worth of useless product.

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