Bavarian Auto Recycling Inc

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Beware of Bavarian Auto Recycling Inc

Bavarian Auto Recycling is the biggest rip-off artists there is….I ordered a headlight assembly on July 13 and immediately they charged my card. Called on July 20 and Marco said the product shipped this morning. Did not receive it, called back on July 25, Marco said the lens had scratches and they did not ship it but had another one that was in shipping. I asked him to send me the tracking number, he said email him with the request and he would send it to shipping and they would send it. I did and heard nothing. I called back on July 28 and found that Marco was on vacation and got another sales person, Christian. Christian said the headlight was in shipping and that it would be sent out that same day. I asked for the tracking number, and he said shipping would send it to me. I did not receive the tracking number or the part. | Called back on August 9 and was told it was sent out to the buffer, I asked him when it would be back, he said they had it for 5 days and that it should have been back already. He would contact the buffer and get back with me, never did. I called back on August 10 and Christian advised that they don’t have the part and were waiting for some cars to come in, I cancelled my order after they lied to me for a month. Christian provided me with a refund number and I never received the refund on my credit card. | I called back on August 17 and was told by the sales guy that he wouldn’t know anything about it and that I needed to contact Accounting, I asked to be transferred and the phone hung up. I called back and contacted Accounting only to be answered by a recording asked me to leave the information and they would email me the information on when my credit card would be refunded, never heard anything from them. Called again only to get the same recording, left another message and heard nothing. Contacted my credit card company and disputed the charge. This company sucks and they have their rip-off system down…delay, delay, delay and then don’t refund. Avoid these bast***s…

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