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Beware of BattlEye

I purchased my PC from one of my friends last week and I decided I want to buy siege to play to play with the new update on my new pc (normally I play on my Xbox). | When I went to play, I was randomly banned for no reason. I asked my friend about this and he said it might be because when he used the PC i bought he got banned on there for cheating or something. | The only thing I didn’t understand was that my pc was reset and wiped clean and I am using a totally different account and GPU than he did, so how was I banned? I think maybe it is hardware related like from his processor or motherboard and now I cant play the game because it is a used PC. I can’t afford to buy a new PC or buy a new processor and I would like to play the game. | BE has a reputation of not contacting back those who file reports and open cases and that is totally unfair. I did not get what I paid for as I was unable to play almost less than 20 minutes after installing the game. Now after I am not able to play, both BE and Ubisoft are refusing to cooperate with me and fix the issue. SO FRUSTRATING!

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