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Beware of Barkley Capital

I opened a managed account with them in Dec 2016. Everything was fine untill late Jan 2017 when I got a call to deposit more money. Bill Calhoun called and wanted 5k more to invest in long term options. He actually stated he would take 2k now and 3k in a month. I refused and he kept pushing me. After 30 minutes I told him to call me the next day. | I went home amd wrote him an email that I was not happy with the minor profits and the way he was pushing me to put more money in. Three days later he sent an email back about how it is his job to bring more fresh money in. I replyed with call me. Took 3 more emails and he had all the excuses in the world as to why it took so long. | We got off the phone and I though everything was fine. | Next thing I see in my account is there are 2 large trades for 2.5 months. They did win, so I emailed to see why they were changing the way they were trading my account. | I have now been trying to get them anyway I can but no answer. The phone number is invaled and support will not respond or is not there. | I dod get an email after 1 month(03/25/2017) that read “On behalf of Barkley Capital and Mr. Bill Calhoun, we offer you our most sincere apologies for the late response in your emails. Please be informed that Mr. Calhoun hasn’t been able to contact you due to a severe illness that is currently affecting him. He has not been able to work in your account and the other account manager in the office is struggling to have his accounts and Bill’s up to date. I will personally give your account sense of urgency and have Mr. Anthony Griffin contact you to talk about your investment. “. I then sent them an email that I wanted to know who was trading my account as there were not 7 long term trades and 14 2 minute trades in the same week they sent me the email. | I have not heard from the at all. I have sent about 10 emails but I have only gotten one return receipt and that was in a language i do not understant. | Looks like I have lost me 4.3k. Not happy and now the trades look like they will win and I have no way to get my money

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