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Beware of Bank of America Corporation

After 40 years of a PERFECT BANKING RECORD with Bank of America, I made a complaint against a cruel, & bullying Bank Manager who has many, amny complaints against his violent banking decisions, yet, my 40 year history of aquiring contacts Internationally…….I was sent a letter of closing my account in 30 days, with no mercy, no explanation, and pleading to not close my accounts. I was given many stories on the phone, but the swift cruelty of my demise and the destruction of my business & personal accounts being closed as a “RISK”…..was more than I could take. | The bank is standing with this PETER GABRA in Torrance California, who turned down my 19 year old sons new bank account, & did this obscene behavior in the presence of many people at the main Del Amo branch, by tearing my sons new account paperwork, that took over an hour to fill out, and even more preparation by sending us to the DMV for identification of my son, only to destroy everything in such a bully manor. This same manager, Peter Gabra, saw my public posts of this behavior, and made a great effort to approach me with every teller, then whispering in their ears right in front of me, so the tellers would not work with me whatsoever. THis manager is a bully, and a cruel, ruthless manager who has a god complex. | He always has a smug expression, and does what he can to upset you. I have never been treated b y anyone in the business community in my 40 years as a professional businessman. There is no speaking to anyone. I have read so many complaints against this same man. I have business contacts all over the world, that pay royalties to me for selling records, so I need time to find and contact these people with payments. In the meantime, Bank of America refuses to help me, in anyway, and ruthlessly has everyone on telephones to blow me off. They never did this to me when I had lucrative business accounts since 1981, with my record label. This continued with my record business. | They made money on my bank balances, yet paid nothing in interest to me. Now, they are finished with me, after one arguement by telephone in October 19, 2017. My accounts all close in January 16, 2018. It gives me no time to transfer to another bank. Bank of America is also doing other activity to hurt me. I am hoping to find an attoney for a class action suit. I am being told what other legal legs I have to stand on to report BOA to Bureau of consumer protection, and other Governmental protection agaencies against these Fraudulent banks. This is truly the sneakiest bank I have ever heard of, that came out of nowhere. This is all new, bullying customers. Shame on BOA.

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