Bank of America Corporation

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Beware of Bank of America Corporation

Bank of America seized money from my bank account to pay off a delinquent credit card debt I had with them in March of 2012. They gave the money to Court officer Eric Fields who in turn send the money to Goldman and Warshaw. I assumed the debt was paid and didn’t think anything about it until February 14th 2017 when I received a letter from an attorney stating that I am being sued for the same debt again. After extensive research and multiple calls to Bank of America and various attorneys I find out that the money seized went to Goldman and Warshaw and they kept it. Goldman and Warshaw have since permanently closed and Bank of America is claiming that the debt is outstanding. I do not understand how this could happen. To sum it up Bank of America seized funds from my checking account in the amount to pay off a delinquent credit card bill I had with them and lost the money!

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