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Beware of B & B Pawn Shop

DO NOT USE B & B PAWNBROKERS in Fredericksburg Virginia! This business was fined thousands of dollars and recently had a major article about them and their shady business operations in the local newspaper | (Read for yourself: http://bit.ly/2ubEyfy ) | Here’s a few select examples of what was published, | Attorney general sues Spotsylvania pawnbroker, alleging illegal loans | The suit alleges that B&B Pawnbrokers Inc. at 4420 Lafayette Blvd. has been making illegal, unlicensed motor vehicle title loans and charging excessive fees for them. Virginia has earned a reputation in recent years as the “East Coast capital of predatory lending,” largely due to the actions of Virginia-based payday lenders and car title lenders, according to a March 26 news release from the attorney general’s office. | B&B Pawnbrokers violated Virginia law by Making title loans without a license between 2010 and the present and Charging an illegal 10 percent monthly “processing fee” on all pawnbroker loans, which exceeds state limits on allowable interest rates and other charges. | Now if B&B Pawnbrokers was innocent of these allegations they certanly would not have been back in the newspaper with this follow up article. | Spotsylvania pawn shop settles overcharge case filed by attorney general | A Spotsylvania County pawn shop reached a settlement with the Virginia Attorney General’s Office to resolve allegations that the company charged illegal interest and fees in violation of Virginia pawnbroker statutes and the Virginia Consumer Protection Act. Attorney General Mark Herring announced Tuesday that a Spotsylvania Pawnbroker will provide about $37,000 in refunds to more than 1,400 consumers. | NEEDLESS TO SAY DO NOT USE B&B PAWNBROKERS IN FREDERICKSBURG VIRGINIA For any sort of business AT ALL! | They have been proven to conduct questionable business practices and have admitted their guilt, yet unknowing customers (VICTIMS) continue to patronize them because they are unaware of these people. Consider yourself educated now! B&B Pawnbrokers should be investigated by Federal Authorities concerning their Firearms Dealers License. I heard some ugly stuff about these people and that wasnt too difficult to come by either. | Go to any other pawn business in Fredericksburg Virginia but | NOT B&B Pawnbrokers! | The only way to deal with this type of business is by | NOT DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE! | PERHAPS THAT WILL SEND THEM A MESSAGE THAT: | WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT ALLOW OR ACCEPT THIS TO CONTINUE HAPPEN IN OUR COMMUNITY! | Thank you for taking the time to read and educate yourself about this shady business! |

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