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Beware of Atmosphera

Atmosphere global. Company you do not want to work for. they do not care about their employees if you are sick, if you cannot make the money they will get rid of you. You go through classes just to work in Costco. You will work 10hr or more. And they do no pay you on time. Treat you like middle class. And they are royals and way better then anyone. I’d worked there for a month and just got paid tues. They complain about having to rush my check, said it coat him $89.00 to rush. My check never showed up. Wrote me a check seemed like he wasn’t willing to do that. Thses people are rude as heck. They say there not focus on making money but they are. More focus on the money part then actual employee health or financial well being, have you drive to different places with no money. But willing to help sometimes

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