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Beware of Aspen Dental

Aspen Dental performed an unecessary procedure and it was done incorrectly. I was lead to believe that the procedure was necessary. Turns out that it was purely cosmetic. After “fixing” my teeth, they chipped in less than two days. | I got nowhere with the dentist or the office so, I filed a dispute with their financing company (Dental First/Comenity). That was an even bigger joke. They refuse to credit my account and Aspen Dental is constantly harrassing me. | They call and leave no message or voicemail, they text and email me everyday. I never even gave them my email address. I want them to stop bothering me and just credit my account. I am no longer a patient there. I have a new dentist who knows what he is doing. I have looked up reviews on Aspen Dental and they are very bad in every state. | I suggest voiding Aspen Dental at all costs.

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