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Beware of ArtificialAiming

My son, 10 years old, purchased software from these individuals (probably some pimply faced kids in their moms basement), on two occasions. The FIRST time, he claimed he downloaded the software, and it did not function correctly, thusly, not as described. So, he went to paypal to file dispute on the charge. Needless to say, because it is digital goods, paypal was less than helpful and ArtificalAiming refused to do the right thing and kept the 150 dollars. They also banned him from their website so he could not communicate with them, and send ME a taunting Email. Real winners huh? | Now, fast forward to 11/19/15/ My son AGAIN, like a foolish kid, purchases software through them using my paypal. He is promptly banned, (after they convieniently take the money), and now again, 150 bucks down the drain. This time, however, i will get my money back. I have learned, since last time, IF YOU USE PAYPAL CREDIT TO PURCHASE, YOU CAN ISSUE A CHARGEBACK. I will be issuing a chargeback to these criminals. They charge you, take your money, BAN YOU so you cannot use it then laugh their way to the bank. Have fun with the chargeback | TLDR: TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK THROUGH AA.NET, YOU HAVE TO USE CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL CREDIT, THEN ISSUE CHARGEBACK. OTHERWISE, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY, BAN YOU, THEN LAUGH AT YOU AFTER THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY.

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