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Beware of ART101 Gallery

In 2013 I placed my artwork in a gallery called “Art 101 Gallery” as did many other artists. The privilege of being in this gallery was $450.00. I was promised 75% commission, space on website displaying my artwork, meetings with prospective buyers, gallery space in one or both gallery locations. At that time there was two locations: Medina, Ohio and Wooster, Ohio. The gallery appeared successful and art my art work sold to buyers. (Total of 4 pieces of artwork totaling approximately $1500.00) Commissions were supposed to be distributed in a timely manner….but never were. I asked many times but there was always one excuse or another. In 2014 suddenly the gallery closed and the owner and all the artwork including mine disappeared then reappeared in less desirable location. Gallery owner stated she had to move the gallery. The new gallery site was never opened. The gallery owner and artwork disappeared again. This time the gallery owner moved everything without notice to gallery in Medina, Ohio. No response from owner. Registered letters sent were not acknowledged for a long period of time. Summer of 2014 located gallery owner and some of my art work. I demanded she give me commissions on three pieces of my artwork she had sold. I was given three checks (total $500.00) and had to wait a month until sufficient funds were available in her account. She had sold the fourth painting for $1000.00. I have not received any of my commission for this painting. ($750.00). She had cashed the buyers check and told me the buyers check bounced. It did not bounce. I talked to buyer in Florida. Buyer is enjoying my painting…I am out $750.00. She soon closed second gallery. Some of us tried to prosecute….some of us got our artwork back…some of the work damaged. Prosecutor of Medina County would not carry case to Grand Jury……even thought artists were scammed for 10’s of thousands of dollars. To other artists: stay away from this women and her art galleries.

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