Apollo Acquisitions Inc.

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Beware of Apollo Acquisitions Inc.

Jim Hibbits represents himself as both a Youtube Marketing guru and a corporate financier/investment banker through a company called Apollo Acquistions. He is neither. | I worked for this person, ostensibly, for 6 months. I was to find potential “deals” – that is, companies that were looking for funding for growth, acquisitions, etc.. and he through his so-called extensive network of private and institutional investors would provide the funding. | After bringing Jim several deals, I eventually found out that he has no network whatsoever, nor does he have any ability to provide what he claims. | Instead, he obtains an upfront “retainer” fee from these potential clients and then keeps them hanging on as long as he can. | He uses the money from these retainer fees to pay himself, sometimes those he employs and sometimes even makes partial funding payments. This is how he keeps the scam going – until it eventually catches up with him. | When he can no longer collect enough in retainer fees to carry out the scheme, he does everything possible to delay the process and keep the clients at bay – all the while ensuring them that he will come through with the funding. | The worst part of all of this is, good people get hurt. | What he is very, very good at is sounding like he knows what he’s doing and making people feel that he can confidently provide them with funding. When the deadlines that he has given come and go, he is quite adept at leading people to believe that there was just a delay and that the funding is coming. His excuses change literally every day and he guarantees that the funding is coming. | It never comes, however, and it never will. | Jim Hibbits owes me and many, many more people, a lot of money that none of us will ever see. In this, he is nothing more than a con artist. | If you find this person or his company, my strong suggestion is to stay away. | My only refuge at this point is to hope that no one else falls prey to his ponzi scheme.

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