Antoine Webanck

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Beware of Antoine Webanck

Antoine Webanck, he is from Strasbourg, France. He went to Montreal in January for his internship at University of Montreal and rented a room at my apartment. On the 2nd August 2015, I contacted him many times reminding him that he was late for the rent of August. He replied me once in 4th August saying that he would pay it on the last day by cash, due to the closure of his Canadian bank account. Yesterday, the 12 August 2015, he left Montreal to France without paying his rent which was 265$ after his internship. I feel very disappointed at the person, who is irresponsible and untrustworthy. His credit is sold under the price of rent. I urge anybody who reads this message not to give any trust in Antoine Webanck. Regards,

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