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My Acer computer running Windows 8 crashed after an unauthourized update by Microsoft. With my system down, I called Acer and the only option was to subscribe to their technical support provided by | Paid & 036;199.00, USD which I was advised was for a year and after I paid, it turns out it was for only 10 incidents !!!. | I complained and it was upgrade to unlimited with over 200 incidents which should last a year. | After hours on the phone, they finally advised the hard drive would need to be replaced, which was done. I then used Answersby to set the computer up again from the backup they took before the drive replacement. | Basic functions they could do, but then the computer had to be networked to 2 other computers, 1 a Wndows 7 and the other a Windows 10 on wifi. There are other computers connected by cable which worked from the start. | After hours and hours spent with them online (usually 4 – 5 hours at a time ) to attempt to fix the network connection, I was told an expert would call in and booked a date and time. They never called at those times, but always managed to call in the evening when there was no one in the office. | Meanwhile a sales rep has been calling every couple of days to get another year’s contract and when I complained about the unresolved network issue, I was told that they cannot fix it. Their excuse is that updates to the operating systems created this problem !!!. | I told our IT people and they found the fix in about ½ hour online, and it took them another ½ hour to set all 3 computers up and they all work ! They can access each other. | My 1 year is going to expire in about another 30 days and I still have 220 incidents to go. Their sales rep wants us to buy another year. | I’ve told him No Chance ! | SO …. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SERVICE.

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