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Beware of Angie's List

I was contacted by Angies list to advertise with them I was told be the account rep Jeremy they can put my business in front of thousands of customer just wainting and wanting my services, and that Houston becasue of Harvey has so many customer and need and not enough contractors so this would be a good time for one low monthly fee. Hmm I said but why and how would they contact me..I was told that my company would be on the first page and that customer always call the first person they see and that would out company and the cost would be only $400 dollars a month….what that is a lot of money. He continured to stay I would see a quick return on my investment and the phone would ring right away. | Jeremey said that I have nothing to worry about once I am sent up and a back ground check was done. I did not like that price and told him we are just a small business that is a lot of my he then drop it to $300 but I would not get Houston, I reside in Houston he said ok I can do it all for $350 a month for one year. And he assurned me it would work. I said but what about the people who has been adverting and had reviews Jeremy said oh don’t worry about that you are going to be on the 1st spot that are going to see you. I was not sure. | I told him I can not afford this money if the phone does not ring he told me no it will ring. So I give my my information to do the back ground check and within 30 min he was done??? How can you do a back ground check that fast?? He said not give me the money I still was not sure but I ask him If it does not work I want my money back he said it will work. | After he took my money the phone stop ringing I had no idea what to do, I had call him this time he sent me a link to sent up with no help and it did not work well. I decided to do some research and that is when I found out that I just been rip off. It is hundred of us out there they take you money and for get about you. I called and cancel Jerermy ingnored me about he sent a email to give it time. No | I then call the office and talk to Merrdieth and told her to cancel me she said she would and I never go a cancelation later I called again and talk to a supervior who told me oh look you have been advertining with us for 14 days really WITH NO ONE CALL FROM A CUSTMER REALLY?? I was no he lied. He told me I had a contract and that they are going to keep my money. $355.39 they stolen from me for nothing. Listen to me DO NOT give these people your cc number they are Thieves and will rip you off. Stay away now I have to sue to get my money back.

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