Angela Robert

Phone: 859-594-8528

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Beware of Angela Robert

I met Angela Jessica Robert through I Texted her becuase she left her phone number in her free profile. | We began a romatic texting relationship and to assure myself if she was real I tried calling her phone and it wasnt subscibed to voice calls. | I continued asking her to call me to make sure she was first of all in the US and second of all she was a woman and a live person. I then got a call from a “her” and the phone# came up as a number in TEXAS. | I aksed if she was on facebook an she managed to come up with a profile with pcitres and friends that were all males about in the same group. The profile was started 1 month earlier. | The facebook page is here and is now offline | | RED Flags started going off I asked if she could make her way to my home town in NY. She said she was strapped for money and asked if I could pay for the Trip. | RED FLAG she claimed her Aunty worked at the Airlines and could book the trip and then I should send her $1200 to get her and her son. She would send the Itinerary as proof. | Right then I knew this was a scam of some sort and played along. I asked her if she could have her Aunty pay for the trip and when I met her at the airport I would give her cash. She got pretty upset that I would question her loyalty to me. I continued to ask for her address. I finaly did get an address in TENNESSEE and said I wanted it so I could send flowers. | I contacted a local floweer shop and had them deliver to the address. She replied back saying said she didnt get them. I called the flowershop and the driver delivered the flowers to “her” appt. About 2.00am in the morning she texted me saying she did get them and the went on a tiraid of filth and saying other men sent her gift cards and stuff and I should never question her. | Angela Robert aka Jessica continued to try to extort money from me asking for $300 Itunes Cards and for me to send $500 dollars to help her with stuff for her son. | I have photos and texts etc that may have been used by “her” to rip someone else off. DO NOT SEND MONEY to her or play her game. Whoever she is, are predators waiting to pounce on older men that have money and are emoitionally in need of a young 35 yr old woman to marry.

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