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Beware of AMPI Cancún

AMPI in the state of quintana roo mexico | deliberately pushed to have a law passed, which gives them the sole power to grant real estate licenses to whom ever they see fit. | AMPI has successfully created a power structure within the realestate industry of quintana roo, in which they have full control over. | they have passed a law for 2016 which gives this “self appointed governing body of real estate” the SOLE power to grant real estate licenses. | essentially, if you are a new or inspiring agent, they have created road blocks that make practicing realestate an impossibility. | they have created a realm of unequal opportunity. a labyrinth of invisible hurdles to jump to obtain the impossible. | and intentionally so. | now perhaps you are wondering why they might choose to do this? | the answer is simple, mexico is based on a “class system” in which 1% of the people hold 99% of the power. | this select few, tight group of power, spans generations, and their grip has increase as years go on. As of this point, no one may practice realesate with out AMPI s permission. | who is AMPI anyways? some useless debate society? a country club of the 1% scratch each others backs? | This wouldnt be a huge issue, however, AMPI refuses to post information on the process of obtaining a certification. and what steps are involived | they are INTENTIONALLY hiding this information in effort to keep their circle of agents small. | So that only their “friends ” and elite few . may climb the realestate ladder. | i would be more than happy to jump through any, and all of the “hoops” they set forth | however clearly I am not part of that elite 1%. perhaps im not mexican, or my friends are not correctly positioned to get me the much needed “in” … or im not affiliated with cartel | the ampi website has no posting of information regarding the law they fought so hard to pass. | merely a “congratulatory” photo showing the first round of agents to be approved , white clad with glowing faces, and certifications in hand. | | how to be come a certified agent?

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