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Beware of American Residential Warranty

I purchased a home warranty agreement for my home from American Residential Warranty. This was in December of 2017. | This company charges a monthy fee to cover unexpected and expensive repairs to appliances or systems in the home. | In the early part of May this year 2018 I noticed water dripping from the condensate line of my A/C. There was quite a discharge of water,so I called Ameican Residential Warranty early morning at about 7 AM. The person on the other end gave me a service number and a phone number to call. She said that she would be emailing the company with the service request and I should call the number after 10 minutes. | I called the number and ended up with a voicemail system which then asked me to leave a message by calling a totally different number. | I was really puzzled,having expected to hear from a real person. I called American Residential and was told that the company does not open till 10 am. Called at 10 am and setup an appointment for later that evening. The technician arrived and I heard to listen really hard since the fellow barely spoke any English. I explained the problem to him and then we walked over to the condensor unit outside the home. The fan was not working and this really puzzled the technician and of course I explained that the thermostat to higher temperature for the night. Oh well ok. | We went up into the attic and everything looked ok up there. He checked around and couldn’t figure out what the problem was and therfore no real solution. He then said that flushing the primary line might help but it’s not covered under the warranty and would cost me and additional $165 on top of the $55 he charged me just for showing up. I refused his offer and the next day cancelled my warranty with American Residential Warranty. | To sum up the warranty cost me hundreds of dollars and I got nothing but aggravation for it. Total ripoff. Beware of this company.

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