American Fab Inc

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Beware of American Fab Inc

While at work one day, mom called me and said dad has spent 8 grand on some equipment out the back of some scammers truck. Since I work at a dealer of yard equipment, I already knew he had been taken, just not how bad yet. I was told they all had Honda engines and we’re still in the plastic. When I arrived home and saw they weren’t RED!, I knew it was bad!! These are TRASH, Chinese, Junk that is meant to throw away if it breaks. The very same equipment is available at Harbor Freight for 10% of the cost. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE THE TIME OF DAY. THROW ROCKS, OR ANYTHING REACHABLE AT THEM IF THEY ENTER YOUR PROPERTY! CALL THE COPS! STEAL FROM THEM IF YOU GET THE OPPORTUNITY. THEY ARE WAYYY AHEAD JUST FROM MY POP. I am praying they return when I am home. Hopefully someone will prosecute then soon.

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