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I made a purchase from (one of many) and posted an honest online review. (For all that don’t know first hand, customer service is exclusively operated out of India – as in NO U.S. location to handle disgruntled U.S. customer returns.) | The merchandise I recieved what was not what was advertised so I decided to post a “tasteful” review. I mentioned my experience and attached pictures and Amazon instantly rejected the review. | Hum… who knew Amazon would start censoring foreign reviews. Oh well, the company selling the product on Amazon is “Jet International”. They are based out of Gujaret, India. They advertise on Yahoo, Skype and amazon to date. | Just so you know, Amazon is just one of many internet based vendors censoring data so keep this in mind when ordering and reading Amazon product reviews. | Since I can’t post pictures I’ll post verbatim what I said in my review. Here’s the post Amazon rejected….. You decide… | Posted and rejected on 10.23.2016 by | Where to begin…. I’m very disappointed with this purchase to say the least! First problem, gem color and quality of the stones are “very poor” (see pictures). Second problem, the stones are smaller than pictured and look freshly dug up and unwashed and clearly something you could purchase from any gem show at 5 for a dollar. Third problem, only twenty three of the twenty five runes were engraved; however, on the flip side they did include “two” blank runes. (F.Y.I. Rune “Sowelo” was left out. Apparently, Asian factory workers do not understand that with Nordic runes there’s a difference between “Sowelo” and “Eihwaz”. However, on the flip side the workers do appear to know the set requires 25 pieces to be considered “complete”!) Forth problem, the gold engraving is hard to read due to small size and yellowish/poor quality of the stones. And the fifth problem, the literature accompanying the “Nordic” rune set is written in “India/Hindu” tradition – need I say more? | My set cost $24.99 and was shipped by Jet International and the package did arrive on time. I honestly would return the contents if I didn’t have to go through Amazon’s India location but after dealing as a vendor with Amazon’s customer service department (I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with an Amazon Rep “Rahil Adnan”– the guy couldn’t comprehend English and Amazon doesn’t have U.S. service resolution alternatives so beware before you buy) so I’ve decided to toss the set verses going through the nightmare process of getting the item retuned and asking for my money back. (Hey, Rahil if you’re reading this I’m going to write you up on Yelp!) | I’ve enclosed pictures of the product and email of the India customer service guy I spoke about so you can judge for yourself. I’m not quite sure what the other “four” reviewers to this product received but I can assure you it’s not what was advertised or delivered to my mailbox.

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