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I recently ordered Oster Salon Pro Hair Clippers from for around $40. They were advertised as new and factory sealed but turned out to be USED and even had someone else’s HAIR on them. Ew and yuck! I made a video recording of the unsealing of the Amazon box to prove Amazon’s fraud because they had perpetrated the same scam when I had ordered the identical product several weeks earlier (see the uploaded stills from the video). Both orders were “fulfilled” by Amazon. | I had thought that the first botched shipment was an honest mistake but it turned out to be Amazon’s modus operandi. To add insult to injury, I had to pay $15 in return postage both times because the corrupt thugs at Amazon refused to pay it! I could see the “mistake” happening once, but two different times weeks apart suggests that Amazon is up to no good. | I shall never again order anything on Amazon that is “fulfilled” by them. I will only deal directly with the actual sellers because in my experience Amazon cannot be trusted!

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